Cascade has adopted COMET for much of the monthly procurement of our long-term natural gas needs using a variety of pricing mechanisms such as index, fixed price, and even some fixed-for-float hedges. COMET has provided us with process efficiencies a…

Mark Sellers-VaughnManager, Gas Supply Resource PlanningCascade Natural Gas Corp.
Costco uses COMET to electronically launch RFPs for natural gas and electricity across North America. COMET provides us with assurance of accuracy in comparing prices, assists us in enforcing a consistent process, and improves transaction documentati…
Shay ReedEnergy BuyerCostco Wholesale
The compliance and control benefits of COMET far exceed even the commercial value. Any senior executive who wants to sleep better at night should require their commercial teams to use the platform as much as possible.
Ted MurphyFormer CROCinergy Corp.
TruMarx offered us an online open season that let us turn our focus purely to the business of serving our customers. The COMET platform and team were incredible, and laid the groundwork that will make future transactions for our core customers even q…
Kay Atchison Marketing Director ENSTOR
A huge advantage of being on the COMET system is the ability to collect your deal data electronically without having to rekey it. This should make the SoX and controls people very happy…
Ed BellSystems Integrator
COMET has provided us with process efficiencies and has significantly reduced the duration of many of our RFP cycles, saving Cascade time and money. COMET makes our old, manual ways of transacting suddenly seem archaic.
Mark Sellers-VaughnManager, Supply, Resource PlanningCascade Natural Gas

What is COMET?

  • The industry’s leading bilateral execution platform
  • Enables energy market participants to create an individual private market for each of their OTC transactions
  • Innovative On-Demand Cloud-Based Software Tool
  • Both Retail and Wholesale Pricing capabilities
  • Highly Secure and Simple to Use
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