• An innovative, on-demand software platform for facilitating the negotiation and execution of bilateral OTC transactions.

  • A sophisticated yet easy-to-use tool for subscribers to publish, negotiate and finalize highly customized transactions thus adding strength to customers’ protocols.

  • An unregulated Electronic Communications Network (ECN) which offers secure, permission-based access to the system.

  • Cloud-based software platform —does not require software download.

  • Free to own - pay when and as you successfully transact.


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COMET facilitates the one-to-many Request-For-Price (RFP) process. It respects time-honored bilateral methods—including the value of existing relationships, customized transactions, control over the exposure of a transaction, ability to negotiate, and confidentiality. Final execution of transactions occurs pursuant to underlying master agreements between parties.

Specific features include:

  • Electronic and confidential posting of a requirement (buy, sell, RFP, etc.)

  • Publishing of that requirement to any and all pre-screened members of the COMET community via a one-to-many RFP process.

  • Negotiate the terms of a transaction through confidential one-to-one negotiations.

  • Execute or withdraw any proposed transaction.

  • Receive an automated transaction confirmation.

  • Comprehensive transaction audit logs to help meet a variety of compliance and regulatory standards.

  • Enforces best price methodologies




COMET provides users with a significant benefits as compared to traditional, outdated modes of managing transactions.

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Supported Commodities

COMET supports bilateral transactions in the following commodities:


  • Liquified Natural Gas (LNG)

North America

  • Wholesale Natural Gas

  • Retail Natural Gas

  • Natural Gas Transportation

  • Natural Gas Storage

  • Natural Gas Park and Loans

  • Wholesale Power

  • Retail Power

  • Heat Rates

  • Biodiesel

  • Renewable Energy Credits (RECs)

  • D3, D4, D5, D6, D7 Renewable Identification Numbers (RINs)