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The TruMarx Timeline

TruMarx Data Partners Inc. (TDP) have long history of delivering award-winning information and technology services for the financial and energy industries. The core team, lead by CEO Jon Olson, have been active since the 1995 and have a storied record of success.

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2009 to Present - COMET Powered by TruMarx

Launched in 2009, COMET is an in-the-cloud, web-based negotiation and execution platform for non-standard energy transactions. With over 260 corporate subscribers and over 1000 individual users, COMET allows its users to customize a contract need, publish it out to a discrete audience and confidentially negotiate and execute a transaction. COMET improves transactional efficiency, regulatory and audit compliance and an entity’s reach into the industry. COMET produces a full audit trail of everything that happened within the transaction for the benefit of the counterparties, and any or all elements of that information can be exported into other applications/systems through the COMET web-services API.

We have performed dozens of other customized projects and licensed millions of dollars in recurring revenues related to products and services for countless other customers, including on-line exchanges, multinational integrated energy companies, national oil companies, banks, brokerages, utilities and trading and marketing companies.


2005 - CONFIRMHUB Project

In 2005, the three largest global energy brokers (ICAP, Amerex and Prebon) hired us to automate their manual, fax-based confirmation process on-line. Key features- straight-through processing and normalized, electronic confirmation messages across all brokers. The service was owned by the brokers, who sold a quarter interest in it to NYMEX (now CME). CME subsequently bought out all of its partners. Multiple brokers and NYMEX are currently committed to the service, which has significant industry usage. CME is using ConfirmHub for all of their non-energy asset classes, already adding both agricultural and green commodities, making it the standard back-office system for all commodities.

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2004 - ENERGYDATAHUB Project

This project found a home in the CCRO in 2004, when GlobalView was selected to perform as the exclusive technology provider to help the CCRO solve a pressing problem- accurate and unbiased on-line price reporting. Utilizing our tested focus group approach, we began the requirements gathering and design process for the CCRO to create a system that gathers complex energy transactional data using the Internet, checking it for integrity, normalizing it and verifying a match, then rendering the data anonymous and supplying it back to industry participants. Investors/partners have included Point Carbon, Thomson Reuters, SNL, Deutsche Bourse and Sapient. Go to



2001 to 2002 - eNYMEX Project

This project was performed in 2001 and 2002. In cooperation with Accenture, Kiodex and NYMEX, GlobalView was hired to design and build the infrastructure for a new electronic exchange, eNYMEX. This entailed building everything from the interface to the trade matching engine, to the messaging, to the user interface, including market management, order entry, order book and deal capture functions. Key features- two-way, real-time, high volume transactional data management and web-based exchange interface.

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COMET LNG GlobalView History.jpg


GlobalView was the first native Windows-based client/server price discovery tool targeting the energy market offering databasing, display and analytics of real-time and historical data. It was installed at hundreds of energy institutions globally including ExxonMobil, Shell, BP, Chevron, Exelon, Saudi Aramco, Total, Petronas, Mitsubishi, etc.