COMET LNG Data Dashboard to Launch Soon

NEWS RELEASE September 19, 2017

COMET LNG Data Dashboard to Launch Soon
–Capra Energy Group to Contribute Data Content and Commentary to Dashboard –_____________________________________________________________________________________
Chicago (September 19, 2017) – TruMarx Data Partners, Inc., the creator of COMET, the energy industry’s innovative on-demand platform for custom, LNG transactions, today announces the launch date of its COMET LNG Data Dashboard, as well as the support of the LNG consulting firm Capra Energy. Beginning on Monday, October 2nd, you can sign up for free at

The COMET LNG Dashboard will provide regularly updated information on open bids/offers, LNG pricing commentary and charts, an open tender tracker and reported deals done. On the dashboard users can:
• View and post open bids and offers for LNG cargoes
• View daily pricing commentary and associated charts
• View, post and respond to open LNG tenders
• View and report executed transactions under reported deals
• View, submit content, and comment on the “COMET Insights” blog section covering a wide range of topics such as trends, news, training, technology and commentary.

Noted LNG consultants Capra Energy Group, known throughout the market for their expertise in pricing, trading, risk management and forward curves will contribute some support, data, and commentary to the dashboard.

“As the LNG market continues to evolve toward more frequent shorter term deals, we view a one-stop information portal such as the COMET LNG Data Dashboard as another important and timely innovation from TruMarx. We expect the broader COMET community to greatly benefit from the Dashboard, and we are excited to serve as a contributor”, says Tamir Druz, Founder of Capra Energy Group. “Having an independent source for data and news that support trading decisions will help LNG market participants take advantage of the increased security, efficiency, and accuracy of emerging liquidity pools such as the COMET transaction platform.”

About TruMarx Data Partners
Headquartered in Chicago, TruMarx Data Partners, Inc. is an experienced team of energy professionals with an established record of accomplishment in delivering powerful technology solutions for today’s energy market challenges. The core team has been together for nearly 20 years, developing successful software products and data solutions, for energy customers around the globe.

About Capra Energy Group
Capra Energy Group, Ltd. is a leading provider of advisory services, training and tools to support LNG portfolio optimization and project investment decisions.

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