COMET is as affordable as it is easy to use!

  • The pay-as-you-go pricing model means there are never any fixed, upfront fees – never! Fees are established by commodity and are assessed only on executed transactions. That means you only pay a fee if you have had a successful experience on COMET.

Fee disposition flexibility.

  • With COMET the originator of the transaction controls how the fees are assigned. Options are the default 50/50 split between the buyer and seller, seller pays fees, or buyer pays fees.

COMET has a published discount schedule.

  • One of the core missions of COMET is to provide an agile and high value service to our user community, and to be their primary bilateral transaction tool. To that end we have a published discount schedule that rewards our best and most loyal users with increasingly deep discounts as their volumes grow.

Fees are always transparent on COMET.

  • With COMET’s unique built-in fee calculator users can assess the fees with a glance as part of the overall transaction terms prior to executing. This powerful tool updates to reflect any changes as negotiations ensue and always provides an accurate and up to date price to users throughout the deal.


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